Motorcycles Insurance

People who drive motorcycles should have motorcycle insurance. Motorcycles are high risk vehicles. This is mostly because they do not provide the same protection as a regular automobile. People will drive motorcycles are more likely to be seriously hurt following an accident. Their bodies are practically outside of the vehicle. Also, it is sometimes difficult for automobile drivers to see motorcycle drivers in traffic. It is a recipe for accidents.

If you plan to drive a motorcycle on public roads, then you must have insurance coverage. It is required by law. Without insurance coverage, you may face a fine if you are stopped for a traffic violation. The officer will always ask for proof of insurance. That is why anyone driving a motorcycle should have proof of insurance.

How Insurance for Motorcycles Works

Buying insurance for a motorcycle is similar to buying insurance for any type of vehicle. You provide the insurance company with your personal information, and then decide how much coverage you want. You also decide what type of coverage you want. As long as you pay your premiums, the insurance policy remains active.

Coverage for Motorcycles

There are basically three options for motorcycle coverage. Bodily injury is for when you cause an accident and other people are hurt. Collision coverage is for when you are involved in an accident with another vehicle. Comprehensive coverage includes coverage for several things that are not related to an accident. This can include damage to your motorcycle from a fire or vandalism.


Motorcycle insurance is beneficial because it provides you financial assistance following an accident. Without this coverage, you would have to pay everything out of pocket. Plus, you are required by law to have this insurance. It is in your best interest to have motorcycle insurance.